• About school

About school

Mission of the School – WAY TO TOP OF SKILLS

Main task of school is:

Educational activities of school realize by next educational programms:

  • Maintenance of all-the-year-round specialised preparation of a sports reserve and highly skilled sportsmen, candidates and members of sportive combined teams of Russian Federation in olimpic kinds of sports;
  • Maintenance of conditions of reception educational and professional training of the reserve of sports national teams of Russian Federation and highly skilled sportsmen;
  • Satisfaction of pupils requirements in intellectual, cultural and moral development and maintenance of their social adaptation;
  • Satisfaction of requirements of society in experts with average professional training in the field of physical training and sports.
  • general education(9 class);
  • the average (full) general education (10-11 classes);
  • secondary professional education by speciality 050720 «physical culture» (basic training) on the base of secondary (full) general education – normative apprenticeship of learning- 2 years 10 months;
  • general professional education by specialty 050141 «physical culture» (advanced study) on the base of common (general) education – standard term of learning 4 years 10 months;
  • secondary professional education by speciality 050141 «physical culture» (Profound preparation) on the base secondary (full) general education – standard term of training 3 years 10 months.

Graduates of school get the skill «Teacher of physical culture and sport».

Sportive activity

In school sports preparation is a priority direction. The school carries out the all-the-year-round organisation of learning-training process. The organisation of learning-training process includes: carrying out of learning-training and sports actions, maintenance the train process by sports equipment, sports stock and other the equipments, food, residing, health services, in transfer on learning-training actions and sports competitions.

Today in school are trained 600 pupils . The preparation is conducted on 37 Olympic kinds of sports in learning-training groups, groups of the sports skills perfection and the higher sports skills.

ĒDuring school existence is prepared more than 2000 masters of sports, masters of sports of the international class, the honoured masters of sports. By pupils and graduates of school it is won on the Olympic games 16 golden, 40 silver, 18 bronze medals and 11 bronze medals on Paralymic games.