• Information-methodical centre

Information-methodical centre

Information-methodical centre for physical culture and sports (IMC) organized by the order of Ministry of physical culture, sports and tourism of Sverdlovsky region in 2006.

Main tasks IMC

  • The organisation of activity of representation of Main Certifying Commission (MCC) by the Ministry of the general and professional training of Sverdlovsky region and the Center of Qualifying Tests (CQT) at the Ministry of physical training and sports of Sverdlovsky region.
  • Information-methodical support of pedagogical staff and executives of the sphere of physical training and sports.

 In IMC works two methodists and a manager.


Head of IMC
Popova Taisya Valentinovna 

In structure of IMC are and the library of the School.

Activity of IMC

  • Attestation pedagogical and executives of the state budgetary educational institutions of the Ministry of physical training and sports of Sverdlovsky region and municipal educational institutions of sports orientation.
  •  Formation of fund of the enquiry, standard-legal, educational-methodical and scientific information on physical training and sports.

Fund of printing sources IMC containes   more than 1000 books of next directions: 

  • standard-legal and reference books; 
  • certification and improvement of professional skills of pedagogical staff and executives; 
  • ppproximate programs of sports preparation ;  
  • the methodical literature on sports; 
  • theory and methodics of physical training, sports technique, science – sports; 
  • ports medicine, physiology, doping control; 
  • psychology of sports; 
  • pedagogic;
  • physical training at school;
  • adaptive physical training. 


In IMC subscription to periodicals on physical training and sports, the general, additional and average vocational training.

The card file of periodicals is generated in 35 directions .

The multimedia fund includes methodical materials on the organisation and carrying out of educational-training process, presentation materials of sports schools, teachers.

The photo and video data of actions, in which pupils and employees of school took part, are stored in a school photoarchive.

The fund  educational-methodical maintenance of educational process includes methodical grants, methodical workings out publications  of teachers and professors of school.

Funds IMC are actively used by staff of sports schools of Sverdlovsky region, pupils and graduates of sporting schools.

  • Preparation and the edition of methodical materials, collections.
  • The organisation and carrying out of seminars concerning certification of pedagogical and executives staff.

In the beginning of each attestative year (October) IMC holds a presentation (in the form of a seminar)   representatives of SAC by Ministry of physical culture and sports.

By the results of attestative year passes   a seminar for organizers for certification of sports schools.

  • The consulting and methodological support pedagogical and executive staff of sports schools and  colleges concerning certification, improvement of professional skills, working out of teaching programms on sports, preparations of methodical materials.

Funds of IMC are opened daily (except Saturday and Sunday) from 9-00 up to 16-00 (room 102).

The information-methodical centre is ready to accept, to place and to extend the materials containing the advanced pedagogical experience on the organizing and carrying out of educational-training processes.