Visit of delegation from England

 From September, 17 till September, 21st, 2011 our school was visited by delegation from England.

The meeting passed on the threshold of the Olympic games 2012 in London within the limits of the project World Olympic Dreams, realizing by British Council joint with BBC.  The aim of Project – establishment of partner relations between schools of Great Britain and schools of other countries in which the chosen sportsmen were trained.

Among 25 sportsmen, chosen from the whole world  whose dream - to participate in Olympic Games in London, was Ivan Ukhov, the graduate of 11th class of School of Olympic reserve 1 of Ekaterinburg, the honored master of sports, member of the National team of Russia on athletics, the World champion on high jumping of 2010 in the closed premises

Let's remind that within the limits of the project on January, 14-19th, 2011, the delegation of our school has taken part in a contact seminar under the project World Class 2012 in London and visited the partner's average comprehensive school with a technical bias of city Redrus (county Cornwall). It was developed and accepted the plan-program of partnership of school Redrus and School of the Olympic reserve 1 «London 2012», consisting of several projects.

The structure of the delegation, which have arrived from England, included representatives of school Redrus and company BBC, and also a member of the IOC, the quadruple Olympic champion on rowing Sir Matthew Pinsent. School Redrus was represented by the director Mr. Craig Martin, the teacher of physical training Mr. Craig Bonds and two schoolgirls of a graduation class – Will Emmy jane and Strike Louise Catrin.

            At the first day of visit, on September, 17th, the delegation from Redrus has got acquainted of Ekaterinburg, having made a sightseeing tour on a city. Next day visitors have made the excursion «Last days of last Russian Tsar», which included visiting "Temple on Blood" and "Ganina Yama". Visitors were impressed with the story of the guide about the historical events occurring in Ekaterinburg, the beauty of Russian nature and orthodox temples.   Intercourse on the nature has proceeded on skiing base «Nizhneisetskaya», where  there has passed an informal meeting with teachers and pupils. In the evening the visitors were surprised by the theatre of Kolyada, which shown an interesting spectacle   «Boris Godunov».

On September, 19th has taken place the official meeting of delegation from England with collective of pupils and teachers of our school . At the meeting there was a guest of honour - the deputy of the Regional Duma  Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsky region, double Olympic champion Sergey Chepikov, and also the director and pupils of secondary school 108 of Ekaterinburg, in which Ivan Ukhov studied. With a salutatory word have acted director SOR 1 Sergey Valerianovich Antonov and the deputy director on teaching and educational work Tatyana Leonidovna Mishkel. After it the delegation of Redrus has made presentation of their school. With a great interest was accepted the performance of the quadruple Olympic champion Sir Matthew Pinsent, presenting the project World Class 2012. The visitor also has answered numerous questions. The meeting has passed in warm, friendly atmosphere and has ended with photosession. Then visitors have familiarised with school, visited some lessons and the Museum of Sportive Glory, which has very much impressed them. In second half of day, delegation of Redrus has visited a universal sports complex and has spent joint training with the women's volleyball team. Representatives of BBC have visited at that time training session on Greco-Roman wrestling in VerkhIsetsky sports complex and visited the training of the first course student, master of sports on jumping in water Evgeniya Selezneva.

On September, 20th visitors from England have continued acquaintance to school. The delegation was present at first half of day on traditional all-school action «Dedication in SOR-pupils». Fine performance of girls-gymnasts from Children sportive scholl of VerkhIsetsky dictrict under managing of  the teacher of School, the prize-winner of the Olympic games, honored master of sports on rhythmic gymnastics Ivanova Julia Viktorovna, demonstration performance of young men of branch of Greco-Roman wrestling and wonderfull singing by Gladkikh Anna and Trokhova Alexandra  -impressed the visitors.

For more full acquaintance with system of training and sports preparation in School at the same day was filmed a day regime of the pupil of the 9th class of branch of Greco-Roman wrestling Alain Mirzoyan. Englishmen also visited trainings of ours athletes   - masters of sports of the international class Julia Pidluzhna  and Vladimir Zhukov.  Visitors have noted highest professional level Julia's, who is the candidate to the National team of Russia for participation in  Olympiad in London. It is necessary to notice, that at the day before, on September, 18th, at the international competitions in Nice (France) Julja has established a personal record in broad jumps – 6 m of 85 sm that on 3 sm exceeds result of the winner of last World championship on athletics.

On September, 21st the official meeting has come to the end. The meeting has appeared  not only interesting, but  also cognitive and useful for both sides. Pupils, students and the teachers of our school acting  on all meetings as translators and simultaneously guides, got invaluable practical experience of dialogue with native speakers of English, got personal friendly contacts, received full appreciation about the country spending summer Olympic games of 2012,   felt participation in this greatest for all sportsmen event.  

All photos,   video data and interviews, made by BBC during this meeting, will be presented in a film about our school and partner relationships in the project World Class 2012.